Carden Preschool

CARDEN® Preschool offers a pleasant, purposeful atmosphere in which three- and four-year-old children are awakened to the joy of learning. Carden trained teachers offer constructive guidance, and are aware of the particular needs of each child. Carden utilizes a three-step learning process through which children experience, identify, and define the flowers, plants, and animals that fill the world around them. Carden teachers help the children’s vocabulary to grow by using adult vocabulary. Carefully selected literature promotes the development of a powerful vocabulary.Children will enjoy Ask Mr. Bear and Good Night Moon, among others. Listening to their teacher read short Carden stories such as Who Likes to Fly? will introduce young ones to rhythmic reading and questions to develop comprehension as they begin to read on their own. CARDEN® Preschool provides practical experience with numbers. Through the use of games, pictures, and colorful blocks, children come to understand the concept of whole numbers, and to experience addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All CARDEN® Preschools are independently owned and operated.

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